Carefree Sprinkler Systems, Minneapolis, Annandale, MN

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Carefree Sprinkler Systems, Minneapolis, Annandale, MN

SRV Lawn Sprinkler Valve

Simple operation, reliable performance. The economical residential valve that can handle the toughest conditions.

Who said that dependable performance and affordable pricing were mutually exclusive terms when it comes to residential valves? Hunter makes it possible to get both, along with the type of solid construction you'd expect to cost considerably more. Our SRV features a durable high-grade PVC globe body plus a rugged diaphragm custom crafted to withstand the challenge of vigorous day-to-day use. In addition, the SRV boasts a diaphragm support to prevent stress failure, an internal manual bleed to keep the valve box dry, and the heavy-duty Hunter solenoid. Plus, to meet the particular needs of each individual system you install, the SRV is available in either flow control or non-flow control models. Built to accommodate a budget as well as it does an irrigation system, that’s the simple, reliable Hunter SRV.

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